“Like the term ‘hypnosis,’ the word ‘consciousness’ is a social construct. It is defined and described differently by various groups and writers.” — Stanley Krippner, PhD

Dr. Stanely Krippner discusses his own anomalous experience

Extraordinary Experiences Enable a Greater Understanding of Consciousness

Dancing with the Trickster: the Consciousness Revolution” is a proposed interactive multi-media platform that includes a book, documentary film, and web-based social community. The subject of these projects is anomalous human experiences and states of consciousness: i.e., human experiences that are deemed ‘extraordinary’ states of consciousness as they lie outside of the boundaries of ordinary conscious experience. Many people have them; you may be having them too!

There are 10 categories of anomalous experiences: (1) psi perceptions, (2) vision and apparition experiences, (3) out-of-body experiences, read more ...

 (4) subjective psychokinesis experiences, (5) magnetism or healing experiences, (6) near-death experiences, (7) mediumistic experiences, (8) reincarnation, (9) mystical experiences, and (10) abductions.Within these categories more than 150 types and sub-types have been identified. For example, psi phenomena, commonly known as ‘psychic abilities’, includes telepathy (the ability to obtain information from another person), clairvoyance (the ability to obtain information from another person at a distance), and precognition (the ability to obtain information from the future).

Throughout history, people have had these experiences, regardless of their age, gender, religion, culture, or socio-economic class—globally.

These are ordinary people having extraordinary experiences. Some people have them and simply consider them part of who they are; they carry on in their day-to-day lives, largely unaffected. Others are motivated to change their behavior. Among this group are our team of experts—the exceptional men and women who bravely dedicate their lives to the study and research of anomalous experiences and consciousness. Some, however, become very frightened and disturbed by these experiences. In modern-day societies many people who have anomalous experiences never speak of them, often thinking that no one would believe them, or worse, that they’d lost their marbles and flown assuredly over the proverbial deep-end.

People generally don’t accept what they think science hasn’t proven, and extraordinary things that they haven’t experienced themselves. Despite the scientific evidence that supports the validity of anomalous experiences, many mainstream psychologists and psychiatrists are, unfortunately, among the highly skeptical, so when confused or even terrified experiencers turn to them for help, they are often poorly received. Clinicians, who are both unreceptive and ill-equipped to help (as many are, due to a lack of knowledge on the topic), may erroneously diagnose them as mentally ill.

While it may be true that some people who report having anomalous experiences may be mentally ill, many aren’t. If, for instance, a young Native American woman were to tell the people among her tribe of plants and animals communicating with her, it would not be problematic: human, plant, and animal spirit communication is totally accepted within her culture. In fact, depending on her account of the experience, she might even be revered as a shaman among her tribe. However, if the same woman was outside of her tribal community, and reported her experience to a western psychologist, she may be deemed mentally ill, medicated, and locked away in a psychiatric hospital—this really happened!

Knowledge Gained From Human Experience

Over millennia, philosophers and scientists around the world have studied human consciousness. Currently, there is an ever-growing interest in studying and understanding consciousness. Much has been learned—even proven—on the nature of consciousness and the occurrence of anomalous experiences. Even so, there is a great degree of skepticism and disagreement. What exactly is consciousness? Where does it come from? What do anomalous experiences actually reveal about the nature of consciousness? A rousing debate persists.

“When the evidence for an anomaly becomes overwhelming, and the anomaly cannot be easily accommodated by the existing scientific worldview, this is a very important sign that either our assumptions about reality are wrong or our assumptions about how we come to understand things are wrong.” ― Dean Radin, PhD, “The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena”

Among our intentions is to build a web-based community for people to share and dialogue about their own anomalous experiences. The web community gives its members: the ability to submit their experiences and comment on others’ experiences; a forum for interaction between experiencers; and a forum for interaction between clinicians and experiencers.

In the “Dancing with the Trickster: the Consciousness Revolution” media projects, we will explore and discuss how the study of anomalous experience is fundamental to understanding human consciousness. Our approach is phenomenological, that is, we begin by obtaining information and knowledge that arises from the experiencer. By studying human experience, we gain a greater understanding of human consciousness.

Dr. Stanely Krippner on pathologizing anomalous experiences

Value and Benefits

In all of our projects, our team of experts will weigh-in with information, insights, and explanations on the nature of the experiences, what can be learned from them, and when and where to seek professional help. In addition, they’ll provide guidance for mental health care professionals enabling them to both better understand and care for people who turn to them after having anomalous experiences.

The “Dancing with the Trickster: the Consciousness Revolution” projects are very timely, bringing tremendous value to the individuals who have anomalous experiences, the mental health practitioners who aim to help them, and the researchers of both anomalous experiences and consciousness. Among the value and benefits are:

  • Experiencers can eliminate feelings of isolation and fear by interacting with others who share their experiences.
  • Our experts will share their own anomalous experiences, giving experiencers access to an otherwise unavailable depth of understanding.
  • Experiencers will better understand themselves and their experiences, which for some can create positive, personal transformative change.
  • For clinicians, observing experiencers will lead to better evaluation and treatment regimes, and raise awareness of the ideal treatment for people who have anomalous experiences.
  • People whose anomalous experiences result from trauma gain the opportunity to heal, and live a healthy balanced life.
  • By examining the data revealed through human experience, leading-edge consciousness experimenters, researchers, educators, and the scientific community will gain significant insights and advancements on the nature of consciousness.
  • We will raise the awareness of the general public on the topics of anomalous experiences and consciousness.
  • Our findings will serve to support and validate the many existing researchers and organizations currently seeking a greater understanding of consciousness.

Support Our Efforts!

Join us in the exploration of human experience and human consciousness as physicians, philosophers, psychologists, physicists, and more provide insights and information on the nature of consciousness and even the nature of reality itself.

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