This video is a recording of an interview with Jamie, a graduate student studying creativity, about her actual anomalous experience.  What you are about to watch is a short excerpt of an interview with a real person about their actual “anomalous or extraordinary experience.”


We are inviting people to share their experiences and hope that many more will come forward. This research helps our understanding of human experience and consciousness itself.

The interviews herein are true stories of anomalous or extraordinary experiences being reported by the people who had them.

Interested in hearing more? The following is a more in-depth edit of Jamies interview…

If you or anyone that you know is having difficulties in response to an anomalous or extraordinary experience, we strongly recommend that you seek professional help or guidance from qualified mental health professionals. If you or someone you know is in crisis, it may be necessary to call 911 in your area for assistance.

Our purpose is to facilitate people sharing their experiences and show how these experiences can lead to advances in research on consciousness itself.

Video by : Jesse Block, Crissy Field Media