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Please keep your video submissions short, no longer than 3 minutes ideally.

Welcome to our Experience Submissions page where anyone can share impactful (whether negatively or positively), inexplicable, out-of-the-ordinary experiences in written or video format. Please submit your story using the form below. If approved, your material will be published on the website, and may also be used anonymously in a number of projects, including a book, documentary (we may request a professional video interview to gather more detailed information) and in additional web postings. We will send an email confirmation before posting your material.

Video Tips

Before you create or submit your video, consider the following Video Interview tips:

  • Shorter stories can often have greater impact, generally receive more viewership, are more likely usable in our documentary format.
  • We would suggest you limit your videos to 1080HD (4K is pretty but that size of files are too large for most systems)
  • If you have the choice, 24 or 30 frames per second are sufficient (60 frames just adds size with little real value)
  • Think about the background of your video… keep it simple, to keep the focus of attention on yourself.
  • Think about the lighting… too little is too dark, too much blows out the features. A light too close to your face will blow out your features, a light behind you will darken your face.
  • If you are shooting on your phone, you want to be pretty close to the phone for the phone microphone to work well.
  • Ideally, mount your camera or phone on a tripod or stabilize it on a surface. Hand held jiggling can be hard to watch for long periods of time.

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