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Welcome to our Experience Submissions page where anyone can share impactful (whether negatively or positively), inexplicable, out-of-the-ordinary experiences in written and video format. Please submit your story using the form below. If approved, your material will be published on the website, and may also be used anonymously in a number of projects, including a book, documentary (we may request a professional video interview to gather more detailed information) and in additional web postings. We will send an email confirmation before posting your material.

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How we will use your information

Once you have completed your submission, our team will review your materials, prepare a BLOG post with your data, and post to our live Experience Portal. Once posted, you will be alerted immediately. If there are any problems or you change your mind about publicly posting your data, please alert us immediately and we will address any issues or take down the materials.

Please note: We strongly believe in privacy and personal data security. We will never share or sell your data, ever!

It’s also good to note that depending on the progress of the project, we may recontact you to include you and your story in our on-going documentary and streaming video project.

It is important to note that by submitting material (text, photos, videos, audio files…) to Dancing with the Trickster, you acknowledge that the material is original (not copied from another source) and that you have full rights to submit it (material must not infringe on others’ copyrights). It must be, to the best of your knowledge, true and accurate.

Dancing with the Trickster reserves the right to edit submitted text (correct typos and grammar). Not all material received will be published.

By submitting material to Dancing with the Trickster, you agree to grant a royalty-free license to publicly present said material. You also agree to hold harmless Dancing with the Trickster and its representatives.

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