A majority of people, roughly 70 to 90 percent of those surveyed, reports having had one or more unexplained or “anomalous” experiences.

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As these stories are shared and explored through the community website, book and television series, Dancing with the Trickster will review the underlying theories informing the various sides of the debate about what are “normal” experiences and what are “anomalous,” or even “pathological.” The history of thinking about anomalous experiences will be conveyed from a variety of cultural perspectives: What might be considered pathological in one culture may not be in another. What is exceptional for one person might be commonplace for someone else. As has been shown in the most current research, there is a continuum within which these extraordinary experiences fall and they are all parts of the breadth of human experience.

Finally, we’ll distill down what we all can learn from this highly subjective realm of the extraordinary about ourselves, the nature of consciousness, and reality itself.