Videos on Theories of Consciousness

Consciousness, a Quantum Physics Perspective
Renowned quantum physicist, John Hagelin (PhD, Harvard), presents the thesis that consciousness is a unified field that contains nature’s programming code and transcending through meditation is a pathway to hack / access consciousness.

Michio Kaku: Why Physics Ends the Free Will Debate
Einstein believed that free will was just an illusion, and that awareness of this lack kept him from taking himself and others too seriously. But Einstein was plain wrong, says Dr. Kaku.

What is Consciousness ? – Three Stages of Consciousness | Michio Kaku
Michio Kaku’s theory on quantifying consciousness suggests consciousness is the number of feedback loops required to create a model of your position in space with relation to other organisms and time.

Daniel Dennett Explains Consciousness and Free Will
Daniel Dennett Explains Consciousness and Free Will

Is Consciousness More than the Brain?
An Interview with Dr. Gary Schwartz

β€œIs Consciousness Produced by the Brain?” by Bruce Greyson
“Cosmology and Consciousness Conference – Mind and Matter” (2011) Hosted by Upper TCV, Dharamsala

The Story of Transpersonal Psychology Science of the Soul
The definitive documentary history of the Transpersonal Psychology movement. Includes interviews with many of the field’s luminaries such as co-founder of the field, Stanislav Grof, as well as Charles T. Tart, Frances Vaughan, James Fadiman, Miles Vich and many others.